Why become a client of Defense Training?

Through our courses and organized training trips, you’ll advance your weapons tactics and defense skills.

It gives confidence and empowerment to know that you know. You’ll truly enjoy yourself and have fun while being trained in a friendly and professional manner.

We always strive to arrange training trips that strike the right balance of theory and practical so that you come away from the training confident that you can act effectively when the situation arises.

Be safe. Be confident. Know that you know.

There is no substitute for competence.


Defense Training organized trips and courses tactically train participants in real life scenarios and gun situations.

Perfect Weapon Exploration This is our signature course. Most people end up choosing a particular gun based on what someone they happen to trust believes is “the best gun”.   This is not the proper way to make such an important decision. In this one of a kind...

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At Defense Training, we organize trips to specific training locations around the country. Some of the facilities we visit are literally “world class”. Instead of dreaming about going there someday, our clients are able to participate in an organized and fun group...

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We are not licensed gun dealers and we do not sell firearms. However, we can and do possess specialized knowledge and information on the “ins and outs” of the best way to purchase weapons. Tell us which types of weapons you are interested in, and we can connect you...

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Take advantage of a well thought out trip itinerary, shared transportation, and organized accommodations by participating in one of our group trips!

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